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Hi Chris,
the reason I asked is because the only option that I know of to get a USB3 port for a laptop computer is via the ExpressCard/PC Card Express slot. And while that works fine in terms of bandwidth, it doesn’t work in terms of power supply, because the bus that these cards slot into simply doesn’t supply enough power to comply with the USB3 standard. And the EyeX Controller needs both the bandwidth and the power. But if you combine one of those cards with a powered USB3 hub then it’s possible to get the setup to work. (Note that there are quite a few not-so-compliant cards and hubs out there so make sure to read some reviews before you decide to purchase one.)

As for the processing power needs: the EyeX Controller driver runs as a stand-alone process and does quite a lot of image processing. The gaze background thread listens to the output from the driver and routes it into your application’s process. So there is a lot of stuff going on but not on the gaze background thread.