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Rather than questions, they are error messages and suggestions.
1. The warp key stops working if you change the input language (I checked it on the Russian layout, the right alt button).
2. I also noticed the dead zones at the edges of the screen, and at this point I thought, why not make the screen physical 1920*1080, and the actual/virtual 2000*1200 (random numbers only indicate a larger size), when you bring your eyes to the edge of the display, the image on it shifts and a hidden area opens (in fact, the same thing that you do in elite dangerous, when the player looks at the edge of the screen and his character sees the side control panels). And in this hidden area, you can place the same browser bookmarks, music management, program list, start panel, and so on. Moreover, everything that was in the dead zone will be shifted to the center of the screen and will be in the right place, you only need to correctly configure the timings and trigger zones.

Tobii Dynavox costs approximately $ 3,000, and eye tracking costs $ 250… maybe in normal countries, 3 thousand dollars is not very much, but alas, Russia is not one of the normal countries and the saddest thing is that it does not strive to become one. You will never see such a number of disabled people on the streets, because they simply can not leave the house, and not because we do not have them. Therefore, the question is how a disabled person can earn 3 thousand dollars in the country, when the environment is not calculated for him, despite the fact that the average salary in the country is about 250 dollars after taxes and without taking into account mandatory payments (electricity, Internet, heating, etc.).
I think the reason is somewhere in this area