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Okay, since this has nothing to do with you, let’s focus on the games.

Add the ability to throw the cursor warp in 3d shooters. For example, this is done in Dying Light, where when shooting through the sight, it automatically points to the place where the player is looking. In fact, you do not need such difficulties as are made in the same Division, where the interface is highlighted, hiding places, and so on. For example, in the same Battlefield, eye-pointing will be a sufficient degree of integration for this type of game when you click the right mouse button. The main thing is that this is not perceived as a dishonest game, because playing for the same sniper at close range, quickscopes will be much easier to perform, on the other hand, ping in 4 ms and 44 ms is also a real and legal cheat. You have this feature disabled in game, moreover, it is disabled even when the mouse cursor disappears in full-screen mode when watching a video, which is annoying. And it is bug IMHO.

You have 2 functions in the settings now – warp by mouse movement and warp by pressing a button in the OS. I suggest adding 3 variant – warp mouse settings in the game when you click on the right mouse button, as in the dying light.
By doing so, you will remove the restriction of integration into games that your device supports, and limited integration is a strong stopping factor when buying.