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John Matt

Many thanks for your suggestion.
I have downloaded an Interaction Library and I found a same problem.
It contains many header files and .dll files and I don’t know how to add it into my project.

The tutorials and walkthrough give me a good and clear coding examples, I like it.
But the trouble I faced is I am newbie on DotNet platform and VC2019, then I am stuck on project setup.

– What is a correct/valid project structure or dependency? Where I should to put a library files?
– Do I need to add a header files in C#? / How can I do it? / Which .h file I need to add it? (There are a lot and make me confuse.)
– Is there another project environment setups that I need to deal with?

My teacher is no experience on this platform too, and a people around me too. So they can’t give me an advice.
Thank you for your help.