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Sam Östergård

me and a few friends of mine had this same problem. we got it fixed by changing our Mouse polling rates from 1000hz to 500hz or lower. for what is actually causing this issue i am not sure. but i felt obligated to post a little fix that may work for some of the guys here. but the 1000 polling rate did not previously cause any lag in games but with tobii on the 1000 polling rate was for sure causing the pc to stutter or completely bug out when moving the mouse. This may be something worth investigating. but again i am not sure tobii is the root cause of the problem

the 2 mouses i had this issue with
Logitech G502 (wired)
Corsair Nightsword
both came with software so changing the polling rate was easy

pc specs
MB: Asus Strix b350-F gaming
CPU: AMD 1800X 3.9GHZ
GPU: Asus RTX2080 Super
RAM: 2x Gskill Trident z @3200mhz 16Gb (32Gb total)
PSU: Corsair RM1000x