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I’m also very interested in this since I use three large (43″, 48″) 4k screens, a few of them (43″) in portrait mode. I sit at 38″ to 48″ away from the screens.

I was hoping that it might be possible to put a different tracker on the top of each screen, like using three screen top style web-cams (that is, if the software was eventually updated to allow multiple trackers). Besides that being a little cost prohibitive with 3 trackers on 3 screens, I read your reply saying that the infrared the system uses would likely overlap and clash anyway so using multiple trackers doesn’t seem like the solution.

I’d be very interested in a generation of the tracker(s) that can do multiple screens on a single pc, even if when only using desktop/apps for the mouse/app focusing, warp features etc. – rather than trying to do a multi-screen game necessarily.