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On further thought..

perhaps it would be possible, theoretically in software someday:

..to hotkey or otherwise trigger each tracker atop separate screens based on which screen was the active screen at any given time. For example, once my leftmost screen was made active (by clicking on it or by activating a (e.g. displayfusion) hotkey, or other input registering method)… then that tracker could trigger to being active/on and the other trackers atop the other two screens would turn off/pause.

You could probably even set up a configurable “jump zone” on the edges of the screens where the mouse/focus would automatically jump across to the near edge of the next screen, disabling/pausing the other trackers and activating that next screen’s tracker. (Kind of like the snap zone for window dragging in a way).

The tracker’s pausing and unpausing or the software’s switching between trackers and ignoring the others using whatever method, would have to be fast and seamless though.