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Kenny Holmes

I have been watching this thread for some time. I must say I don’t agree that a single tracker will not work across a large enough area to cover multiple screens. I have done it. I have 2 x 28″ screens. If I configure them in the Nvidia settings to be recognised by the operating system as one screen then the tracker will operate over both screens.

The only problem with this is that it makes the centre of the viewable area in line with the bevel between monitors, which isn’t practical for most situations, still the tracker does work over the area. I have my tracker mounted to the right hand lower bevel on the left screen.

Perhaps I do not need the accuracy that some people do. I am still able to use a mouse. I use the screen tracker primarily to warp the mouse to where I am looking. It significantly reduces the amount of mouse movement required and helps prevent the wrist pain I get while working. Unfortunately, its hard to get used to working like this when only one screen is used with the tracker.

I appreciate you may not want to allow people to use the tracker in a way that they might have a negative experience. But why not simply allow people to do it, but warn them that the tracking will not be accurate over that distance. For many people like myself it will still work perfectly well.