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Jeremy Gordon

Hi Grant,
Thanks for the information. In order to assess whether this impacts our ongoing research study, it is quite important that I understand the correct interpretation of this G2OM overflow warning & limitation. Is it documented anywhere? Can you provide details?

For example,
– Is there an upper limit on the number of G2OM objects that can be tracked in a single scene? Or is the limit per frame?
– What is the limit? The warning includes the number 30, does this indicate that 30 is the upper limit of tracked objects for end-users?
– What happens for objects that exceed this limit? Do they simply not generate callbacks on fixation?
– How are objects prioritized? That is, how can I determine which objects have been successfully tracked, and which objects’ events are being ignored?

I appreciate your quick response, if possible. Even today we’re running participants in a study that I’m now worried is affected by this issue.

Thank you,