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Ben Falandays

Hi @Grant, thanks for your response. I’ve already tried option (3), which unfortunately doesn’t work — as I understand it, FixedUpdate() with timing faster than the framerate just calls a function repeatedly at the start of the frame, so I can indeed get something recorded at 120Hz, but it’s actually just a repeat of previous data. I just tried option (2), which does seem to occasionally hit 120Hz, but most of the recordings are actually longer than the Update() rate of 90Hz, so in that case I’d be better off with update.

Option (1) is interesting, but I’m not sure I understand it fully. From the page you linked, it looks like I’d need an Ocumen license to use that? Or if not, it’s not clear how syncing the computer and eye-tracking clock would actually let me call the GetEyeTrackingData() function more often than Update() runs.

This forum has a very useful thread on how to get data at 120Hz using the Vive SRanipal SDK (https://forum.vive.com/topic/9341-vive-eye-tracking-at-120hz/), but for some reason this function doesn’t work when the Tobii XR SDK is also active in a scene. Do you have any idea why these two would conflict? As far as I understand, Tobii SDK is using Vive SRanipal under the hood to get the data, so it doesn’t seem like there should be a problem using both.