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Shawn Fumo

Aleksey, my first thought of using eye/head tracking for mouse movement is very similar to your approach, so I’m glad to know that it works in practice. Basically as you said, using a warp based on eye movement and then head tracking for more precise control. Right now I’m using the mouse keys support built into the firmware of my keyboard (a Moonlander) combined with my own AutoHotkey script that lets you warp the cursor anywhere within a 9×9 grid on the screen using a combined key chord (basically I hold a key with my thumb which enables a layer and sets the keys I want AHK to pick up to things like ctrl-shift-alt-win-1). That works ok for the most part, but it does seem like having eye/head tracking would be even better.

Maybe it’d be even better if head tracking was always enabled, with it just adjusting the pointer position by small amounts. So you can have your head in a neutral position and press a key to activates the warp, and move the head to fine-tune. Then use regular mousekeys keys to left or right click or scroll wheel or whatever.

I still need to look at what the other free alternatives by users do, but I feel like it shouldn’t be that hard to do what I just described using their API. It might even be possible to call their DLLs using AHK, since it can call DLLs directly, though that probably isn’t ideal compared to something like C#.

To Tobii, I do think it is a little sucky that you wouldn’t implement something like this due to worrying about competing with a sister product. I have to think the other products must have special capabilities for them to be $3k. If your product and a simple functionality to move a mouse cursor based on a combo of eye and head tracking is actually competitive, that doesn’t speak well of the expensive product. It doesn’t need to be about disabilities and medical applications. Personally, I just like the ability to move my pointer without taking my hands off of the keyboard. I’m sure most of the people using the product would be for gaming no matter what. That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a nice addition to use it for normal productivity tasks without needing unofficial software solutions.