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Hello Grant,
Thank you very much for your detailed answer.
I have already filled out the streaming engine API request form a few days ago. I don’t have any answer yet. But since I have an older version of this library, I was able to try your tuto.
I managed to add all tobii folders to the project and the example code is now ok with the “using Tobii.StreamEngine” which is a big progress for me 🙂 and I applied all the changes you requested. I don’t have any error reported by VS, but the runtime fails with a System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load ‘tobii_stream_engine’ DLL raised by the tobii_api_create method. Anticipating your question, I double checked that the ‘tobii_stream_engine.dll’ file property is correctly set to ‘Copy always’.

I guess my old library is causing the problem? Your tutorial can probably work with the latest streaming engine library?