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Hi All,
I started asking Tobii via ticketing system before I found this thread:

Oscar (Tobii):
“We are sorry that our Eye Tracker 5 is not compatible with Linux system.
And for now we do not have any plans for Linux support in the future. But we will send your ideas to our voice of customers.”


So unfortunatelly I cannot use it for what I bought it for – playing Star Citizen.
Now, unfortunatelly I regrety buying. I had lots of fun in Windows and now I have to decide – go back to windows for Tobii or stay in Linux and use PC without eye tracker 🙁

I hopeed there will be a way to use it under Wine at least
Right now the linux gaming is on the rise. Steam Deck is making some impact here.
I do hope you reconsider going into linux

And also consider adding Face over IP for your products – that would be awesome

There is a thread about Linux support. https://developer.tobii.com/community/forums/topic/tobii-eye-tracker-5-on-linux/page/2/#post-21776
Please keep it alive, ask some engaged developers to reply, and maybe help the community to solve the linux support for you…”

Oscar again:
“Of course we would like to have more people to enjoy the experience with our tracker under different systems, but since it is designed based on the Windows system, it will be very difficult for us to have it been compatible with Linux system.

But still, we will add your voice to the Voice of Customer to see if we could have it realized one day in the future.

Thanks for the support and understand.”

We need Tobii Eye Tracker users from under linux to push here and maybe finally someone will find a way.
Also I keep thinking that it might be working under Wine maybe… Somehow….
If someone from community finds a way – please comment here

I didn’t manage to make Talon working…..