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Masta Lomaster


-== “If you’re a developer you can use the SDK to make it do just that” ==-

That’s what I had to do when I got the REX device.
I put the source code of the program I wrote to control Windows
on github.

So far it uses the old Gaze SDK ( shipped with REX and needs TobiiGazeCore32.dll (and probably TobiiGazeConfig32.dll). But I’m going to tailor it to the new EyeX SDK as far as I get a brand new EyeX device.

You may see how it works here.

In case you do not understand Russian (guessed?) switch on the Swahili subtitles. [ No kidding, it’s the only way to turn off subtitles by default on YouTube – to hide real subtitles in some exotic language, while keeping English ones almost empty.]