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Hello just want to follow up on this topic-

I am currently developing a VR experience with eye tracking to record gaze behaviours. I have issues using the mouse provider to simulate gaze for dev testing within the Unity editor.

I have followed the official guidance and this post, but still can’t have it work. Here is my process: 1. Use the example scene “Example_DevTools” as a test scene and select “Mouse” as the eye tracking provider from Tobii XR Initializer object 2. Disable XR support and use the (Old) Input System in my Project Settings 3. Press Run with no error message (I expect the mouse provider should work at this point, however, it doesn’t do anything in both the scene view and focused game view). Is there anything I’m missing?

Also to my understanding, my deployment device (Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye) does not support Tobii eye-tracking debugging within the Unity editor (even after I used their preview tool app), I wonder do you have any suggestions on dev and testing pipeline for Pico with Tobii (e.g. using the mouse provider for agile testing)?

Thanks in advance,