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Bob Hoskins

Hi Grant, thanks for the response.

As far as I can tell, Unity only supports DFR on Pico 3 Neo Pro Eye in standalone builds, not PC VR.

Pico’s PC VR OpenXR runtime/compositor uses SteamVR (indeed I think it’s just a SteamVR plugin, not sure). I don’t know if SteamVR even forwards their eye-tracking data through OpenXR this way, or even can. It would have to add an app layer extension I believe (but I’m not at all sure about this). I need native SDK access and they have virtually no Native SDK documentation, sadly. I checked. All I want is Tobii data from a PC through a standalone connected over USB-C or Wifi. I know that Pimax Crystal has DFR support on PC, too, so I know it’s theoretically possible on the Pico Neo 3 as well, I was just hoping to be able to use this headset but it seems like they already end-of-lifed it, for all intents and purposes.

If you could dig in to my Tobii SDK options for this that would be great. I don’t see why it’s so hard to use this feature on PC, they seem to be deliberately kneecapping their own product. Or just don’t care.