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Mark Castle

Thanks for your response. I’ve designed several different grids and updated the calibration points in the minimal calibration sample program accordingly. Instead of using a timer, my idea was just to have the system beep when the user should look at the next dot. However, whenever I add std::cout << ‘\a’; to my code, the eye tracker disconnects and the calibration freezes after the first beep. The program itself does not crash, and Visual Studio doesn’t show any errors. The only changes I’ve made to the program are including iostream, modifying the gaze points, and adding a beep to the following section:

printf("-------------ADD POINT %d (%.1f, %.1f) ------------\n", _next_calibration_point, _calibration_points[_next_calibration_point].x, _calibration_points[_next_calibration_point].y);
std::cout << '\a';
XSLEEP(2000);  // Give the user some time to move the gaze and focus on the object