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Christophe Zimmer


I also created a program in C# and I would like to have the coordinates of the gaze and apply your method, namely multiply x by the width resolution of the screen and the y value by the resolution of the height of the screen.
I do not obtain consistent values : ​​I have a resolution of 1920X1080 and yet I obtain coordinates greater than 2200 pixels in x value. Can you give me an example of code in C#? Here is a snippet of my code :

private static void OnGazePoint(ref tobii_gaze_point_t gazePoint, IntPtr userData)
// Check that the data is valid before using it
if (gazePoint.validity == tobii_validity_t.TOBII_VALIDITY_VALID)
Console.WriteLine($”Gaze point: {gazePoint.position.x*1920}, {gazePoint.position.y*1080}”);

Thanks you very much for your help,
Best regards,