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I’ve decided to share some of my experiences with the asmedia driver (it’s working for me as we speak).

At first I accidentally connected my EyeX to a USB 2.0 port, which somehow if I’m not mistaken still allowed for a firmware update of the device. Anyhow, this resulted in me being told that the port was USB 2 and i needed a 3.0 for the device to work.

So I crawled down and changed to my USB 3.0 port (Asmedia usb3.0 controller) integrated into my motherboard Asus p8z68-v.

At first I got the same “stuck in initialization” as others have described in the thread, together with “Cannot connect to device”. Then the same weird thing happened as Michael described (post #1737) as getting the calibration to start just to later have it fail at the first yellow dot.

I then upgraded the drivers to my Asmedia controller, which was then only some old standard driver downloaded with windows. If I can remember I properly upgraded it to (2014-10-24). Still no success and the eyex still only gives me a calibration that always failed.

I then uninstalled everything that had to do with the EyeX.
Rollback of my USB3.0 drivers.
Unplugged the EyeX.
Restarted computer.
Installed (what i remember as the same as before) driver.
Installed the EyeX again (installing software first, then connecting the device).

… and bam! The calibration was a success and so far I’ve had no more problems.

I don’t know if this info can be useful for someone else, but it always buggers me when someone solves it and doesn’t share what they did in order to do so.