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Christophe Zimmer

Dear Jonas

Thank you for your answer

You state what I am thinking of.

I am working with Christophe on that project. I am an experience software engineer, experienced in C# but also in system and low level programming.

I think there is an issue in the low level code (what I am calling the driver — the dll) – it might be a stack overflow or whatever mis behavior with memory.

Yes of course there is something different between release execution and execution with the VS debugger – nevertheless I need the software operate with the debugger. This difference may also include time behavior.

I don’t believe of a problem in Interop as I already worked with it and it did fine.

You asked if the gaze call back was doing a lot of job — no it does nothing but display x and y to the console
Nevertheless I can add some code to avoid to enter again in the call back if it is still in operation (how do you call that in English : “recursive call” ? “reentrance ?”) — just in case that the debugger is slowing down the Console.WriteLine()

BTW I put a try catch to exit nicely the program, and this failed too — the programs ends off all of a sudden.

But I think you should look at the low level code.

Best regards

Ingénieur Conseil (Développement C# / Delphi)