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Hi Mark,

a) No, not with the Gaze SDK. But it’s fairly easy to implement: just average the signals from both eyes if both eyes are tracked. More elaborate schemes are also possible, e.g., giving the user the option to only use the data from one eye; handling tracking status changes by interpolation instead of sudden jumps. You get the idea.

b) That is eye tracker specific information and it may change at any time. I can’t provide any information. Sorry.

c) The easiest way is to throw away every n’th data point.

d) It’s all in the GazeDataEventArgs.GazeData struct that is passed into the gaze data event handler. For example:

        private static void EyeTrackerGazeData(object sender, GazeDataEventArgs e)
            var gazeData = e.GazeData;
            Console.WriteLine("Left eye, track box X: {0}", gazeData.Left.EyePositionInTrackBoxNormalized.X);