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Lets add another failing tester here with the initial issues mostly being listed throughout this thread.

Current PC is an Asus P6X58D PREMIUM – legacy by this point, I know. Running Win7 sp1. I’ve run through the standard firmware updates, trying all available firmware update options. All looks good, but the EyeX doesn’t actually connect. It will sit at “Initializing…” – unable to calibrate, etc. But at least I’m not getting the USB 2.0 error messages anymore.

Another issue with this rig is that it’s rack mounted, the included cable does not reach from the back of the rack mount case to the middle (of three) screens associated with that PC. Do have a USB 3.0 active hub that I’d prefer using, but one thing at a time – It’s out of the equation while I work on getting this working.

Hooking it up to my 2012 Macbook Pro Retina running VMWare Fusion with Win 10 dev preview…. and it works much better (relative though). Windows sees the eye tracker and will allow me to do the initial setup. Great. I can run through the initial calibrations and it usually works.

However, the device often drops off and reconnects – seemingly at random for the moment. But touching the USB plug on the EyeX usually gets it to light up again. I’ve also noticed that it will go offline if I hold a hand or two up in front of the device while it’s lit.

Other than the basic calibration function, no other interaction seems to work.

These are just observations as I work on troubleshooting the device over the next few days.