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Patrik [Tobii]

Hello Meir,

The problem you’re experiencing is due to the fact that VB.NET project’s do not use regular Program.Main bootstrapping, but got it’s own application framework. If you put a break-point on line 16 (_eyeXHost.Start()) you will se that the break-point is never hit.

To fix this you will have to do three things:

1. You’re not instanciating the components collection in your designer code. In the InitializeComponent method, add the following line at the top:

Me.components = New System.ComponentModel.Container()

2. Change the access modifier of the Main method in your Program class from Private to Public.

3. Turn off the VB.NET application framework and tell the compiler that the Main method is the application entry point. To do this, you open the project properties and untick the Enable application framework. After this is done, change Startup object from Form1 to Sub Main or Program.

Project settings

Hope this helps.

/ Patrik