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Hi Jay,
the PCEye Go eye tracker is compatible with the EyeX Engine, that much we know, but we haven’t really addressed the compatibility between the PCEye Go software and the EyeX Engine.

The EyeX Engine is a descendant of the Tobii Eye Control Suite software, which is at the core of the PCEye Go software package. Their responsibilities overlap to a large part. It was never our meaning that the two should be run at the same time. But of course it was just a matter of time until someone would try it. 😉

Our eye trackers are designed to handle multiple client applications, so the fact that there will be two “engines” connecting to the tracker shouldn’t be a problem. The one area where I expect that there might be problems is calibration. The two software packages will race for who gets to set the calibration first e.g. after a power-on. The display area could be troublesome too: you might want to stop the PCEye Go display configuration tool from running.