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Mattias [Tobii]

Hi Jay,

The long cable that is supplied with the EyeX Controller is the only cable that Tobii officially supports at this time. However, the connector is not Tobii custom and there are similar off the shelf cables on the market readily available.

Here is an example of a shorter cable that is available on e-bay. Please note, (as already pointed out) that this is not officially supported by Tobii, so using the cable comes without any guarantees whatsoever.


This cable does not have the requested 90 deg bend. I am not aware of a cable on the market that fulfills both the specific connector combination and the 90 deg bend requirement but it may of course exist such cables.

Should the 90 deg connector be of critical importance, please contact our support for direct discussion. We should be able to work something out for you, but as I assume you already know custom cables tend to be a bit costly.