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Jenny [Tobii]

Hi Andrew,

There is no concept of ‘monitor’ in the Gaze SDK. In this low level SDK you set up an Active Display Area with space coordinates relative to the eye tracker device. The Gaze SDK doesn’t mind if you are performing eye tracking with your eye tracker attached to a piece of cardboard rather than computer monitor 🙂 Whence, to meet the needs of PC application developers, Tobii provides the EyeX SDK.

As you have noted, the EyeX Engine runtime comes with a built in configuration tool for screen setup. Through the EyeX SDK you can access the EyeX Engine API and retrieve information about the current screen configuration in pixels on the Virtual Screen. The EyeX Engine also takes care of all the cumbersome stuff of keeping these coordinates up to date if the display settings change due to resolution or dpi changes, or the adding/removing a monitor from the system.

Since you are not using the Gaze SDK to configure the screen setup but need to access information about the setup, I suggest you consider switching to the EyeX SDK.