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Mario Klingemann

I just received my EyeX and unfortunately got stuck with the same problem. The device gets recognized but hangs in the “Initializing…” phase. After plugging it in the first time it first upgraded its firmware which didn’t prompt any error messages.

So I tried the command line above, with the difference that the firmware image I find in my folder seems to be a newer version, it is called p2b-is3fw_1.3.1-31329.img. Unfortunately that doesn’t work:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Tobii\Service>upg.exe h5flasher.img p2b-is3fw_1.3.1-31329.img server.eyex.config
not a valid file name formate, version len 18 0
The firmware on the device is either same or newer then the one used for firmware update.

Ah – I should mention that I am on Windows 8.1.

Anything else I can do?