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Peter Olthof

Yes I definatley will!

I am happy to tell you that we have shown our project today at our school, for grading, and we won two prizes. The publics opinion of best game (which were all elderly), and also best game graded by teachers! Everone was very excited, and we had alot of opportunities to test with people with different glasses, lazy eyes, and bad sights.

elderly playing Blind Love with eyetracking

I just have one eyetracking device now, and i have some trouble with the magnets, they are not sticking really well….and ill probably gonna need more eyetrackers or different versions for good testing…but I have alot of ideas prototypes and research for games coming up. But I’m a poor student, just trying to find his way in life! 🙂

I am very very tired now, but where can I find your email address?
I will be updating my website, to make a good game page, and I’m totally comfortable with promoting and using Tobii logos at products, if you think it’s worthy 😉