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is there an older version of EyeX engine that i can dowload, I have the Tobii X1 Light Eye tracker and it doesn’t work with th EyeX engine 1.2 ( when i start the configuration it show me this message “Tobii EyeX configuration Application Unhandled exception” and it refuse to continu).
after instralling the package that came with my device there is no engine in Task Manager. in effect i think thats my problem because i used this script to find out if the Unity can connect to the engine :

using UnityEngine;
public class SpinOnGaze : MonoBehaviour
private EyeXHost _eyexHost;

void Start ()
_eyexHost = EyeXHost.GetInstance();

print (“Version”+_eyexHost.EngineVersion);
print (“Status”+_eyexHost.EyeTrackingDeviceStatus);
_eyexHost.LaunchCalibrationTesting ();


void Update ()

and in Unity console
version Null
status Unkown
that mean that the engine is not running..