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Replacing my mouse is the main reason I’m purchasing one–I’m just now beginning to recover from a several month bout with RSI. At the worst point I had trouble opening doors. Speaking from experience, without proper treatment, even if you rest your arm or stop using the mouse or cease activities that usually aggravate the injury, it seldom recovers. A lot of medical professionals aren’t used to seeing this sort of injury (which is one of the reasons Carpal Tunnel surgeries have such a low success/non-recurrence rate). The first therapist I saw actually tried to treat me for tennis elbow, and the next doctor sent me for X-rays for further examination until I saw an out of network therapist who specializes in computer-type use RSI, and I’m finally getting some relief.

This was a great resource for me: http://onlineachesolutions.com/about-suparna/
I hope this helps–I just know that I could have been without pain if I’d had proper treatment in the first place.