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Jenny [Tobii]


I’d just like to point out that the EyeX Dev Kit is just a Dev Kit and not a consumer product. It is meant to be used for developing games and applications for EyeX, using the EyeX SDK to access the EyeX Engine API. That said, the EyeX Installer Bundle includes not only the EyeX Engine runtime but also a product called EyeX Interaction developed by Tobii. EyeX Interaction is built on top of the EyeX Engine API and makes a number of apps and OS features in Windows eye-gaze enabled. EyeX Interaction can be seen as a live sample application of some of the things you can do through the EyeX Engine API. EyeX Interaction does not have a feature to replace a mouse with the eye tracker, but it has a couple of features that might be interesting for you to try out:

  • Mouse Warp – Move the mouse a little bit to make the pointer jump and appear where you look.
  • Mouse Clone – Hold down a key to temporarily get a second mouse pointer where you look.
  • Touch Warp – Place, then pause your finger on the touchpad to make the pointer appear where you look.

Disclaimer: The EyeX Interaction software is still quite experimental when it comes to its scope and features. Features might be removed without notice.