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Jenny [Tobii]

Hi Gregg,

Interesting question. I would like to use Arduino with eye tracking myself 🙂

Unfortunately I do not think it is possible due to a number of things:
– EyeX Engine can only run on a Windows computer where it uses the multi-threading capabilities of the system. The AVR microcontroller on an Arduino does not even have an operating system and its hardware does not support multi-threading at all (only hardware interupts).
– If you would use the Gaze SDK instead of the EyeX SDK, you would still not be able to use it with Arduino because the Gaze SDK requires at least two threads to run simultaneously: the main thread and the eye tracker event loop,
– The most fundamental problem of all is that the EyeX Controller requires a device driver to function – there are no device drivers for Arduino, and my best guess is that Tobii will not develop any due to the above restrictions.