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Eric Chu

Thanks for the help all,

I found that I could fix the problem with what Jenny had said:
“where you would have to use a workaround and move the mouse over the game window once in order for the EyeX Plugin to be able to update with correct coordinates.”

That was the main problem I had, although there are still some gaze point collision hiccups it’s managable.

I have run into another problem though,

When creating an entity that uses the built in functionality for path finding (NavMesh) you make a Class that is a child of the “Character” class. But I also want the character to respond to the EyeX tracker is it possible to implement some of the character components into a class that is a Child of the “EyeXActorBase” class because I cannot attach an AI controller to the “EyeXActorBase” class.

If there is an alternative solution for this please let me know.