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Thanks! I’m just really happy to be able to do use a computer all day without my wrists screaming at me.

In these videos, when you see the cursor, it’s an in-game cursor. So in that case, it’s not possible at all to hide it.

On that note: I’ve noticed a few things about the cursor following my gaze in and out of game. It’s distracting to a different degree depending on the filtering and damping that I’m doing. If it’s bouncy and laggy, I’m tempted to follow it with my eyes, but if it’s just following where I’m looking (so, fast damping and a big deadzone) it’s not distracting at all, and in fact makes the whole pointing business feel more like looking. I had a weird adjustment phase at the end of the day yesterday when I was using a different machine and I was looking at controls and expecting the cursor to be near them already, without having to drag something around with my hands.

I’ll definitely post my experiements and result in the community forum. Thanks for the interest.