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Jenny [Tobii]

If you are dependent on your I-Series as a communication device I cannot see a way it can be done reliably for continual usage. I talked to a couple of developers from Tobii Dynavox who have actually tried installing the EyeX Engine on the I-Series, and they pointed out a problem I hadn’t thought about initially: the EyeX Engine screen setup assumes that the eye tracker is placed as a periferal on the frame of the computer monitor and immediately below the screen and in a certain angle. This is not how the eye tracker is placed on an I-Series, where the eye tracker is integrated into the frame of the screen. This means that the EyeX screen setup and the screen setup used by Tobii Communicator is different and that the calibrations used by the two are based on different screen planes. Starting and stopping the different applications/runtimes would result in interference and likely mixups of screen planes setups and calibrations, where the EyeX screen plane could be loaded on the eye tracker but the Communicator calibration used with it resulting in strange offsets. Based on this, it might be possible to experiment using the EyeX Engine on the I-Series, but only to do it temporarily and then uninstall the EyeX Engine and restore the I-Series to factory settings to make sure it is still usable as a communications device. This experimentation would have to be done at your own risk.