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Jay Beavers

Thane, we’re following the same path. To date we haven’t found a good answer. The approach we’re working on right now is to use the Gaze SDK for both the I series and the EyeX. However the results of the eye gaze data we’re receiving on the EyeX devices through the Gaze SDK is significantly inferior to what we received when using the EyeX SDK.

We did try running EyeX applications side by side with the PC Eye Go environment (also Gaze SDK based, sensor is very similar to the I series as I understand it). This worked somewhat, but we got reports back from our beta users that the quality of the eye gaze decreased in the PC Eye Go applications while an EyeX application was running. Once the EyeX application was exited, the quality would come back to ‘normal’. Our conclusion was that this wasn’t going to be a feasible path.

– jcb