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Eric Chu


We are trying to use the EyeXActors in a Horror Setting that has an enemy that paths and follows the player around and has an EyeX Actor attached to it. It definitely works, but the results are inconsistent where I would be looking at the visual representation of the Gaze Point and the EyeXActor wouldn’t return the Boolean of the function “Has Gaze”.

I also set up a testing situation where the enemy would stand still and you would look at him from a distance activating the aggro. It wouldn’t activate consistently, only when I got really close to him or found a random sweet spot.

I would offer you a copy of the project for a better view on what the problem is, but the project recently went through some large changes and would be confusing to navigate through.

And I am currently using Blueprint Only, I had some issues with C++ in the Unreal Engine in general so I stopped using it part way through development but I am not opposed to making a few classes.