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Dear Patrik,

thank you for your reply.

May I ask where the heatmap.js file is, because I have been unable to locate it? I would also ask how it works, but I believe I will be able to understand once I see the code. Would be great, however, if you told me whether the reconstruction would occur inside of Unity and whether it can be exported as an image (obviously this is a post-analysis, it should not occur in real-time).

It does indeed sound good and easy to configure, having a GazeAware script attached on every game object, however I am concerned about performance. Assuming that there are 250 game objects in the scenes, it sounds like an overkill for each and one of them to run an Update() function.

I was under the impression that Tobii T120 was compatible; what is the minimum requirement for hardware (referring to the device product) for a standalone application made with Unity to produce valid data? EyeX Controller (http://www.tobii.com/buy-eyex)?

The reason I was asking for IsUserPresent() is because I will export all of the data in a text file. Instead of having blank spaces (I am not sure how the engine will interpret the invalid state, so it might be that it returns null = blank string), I want to make make sure that every data exported is valid, so that I can immediately run an analysis with that dataset. This is why some control has to be present in the script. Instead of IsUserPresent() or the other method explain in this forum for blinking, if I can indeed retrieve the state of the data in a way such as GetComponent<X>().isDataValid(), it would be even easier. How do you retrieve the Invalid state you referred to?

Thank you once again for your help.