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@Tobii mods – Surely it couldn’t of been that hard to add mouse replacing functionality? ‘Even as a ‘dev kit’ the example functions you’ve included are useless. And not only that, I’m expected to pay this random Iris guy another 99 euros just so this hardware is actually useful? Thank god I didn’t buy the steel series sentry, which I was also certain had mouse replacing functionality – but of course it doesn’t either.

I understood it was a dev kit. But that doesn’t mean It should have zero functionality what so ever. Not including bare-bones functionality outside of the gimmicks, seems lazy and a missed opportunity. Thousands, if not millions of people suffer from repetitive strain injury. Many of those people are also struggling to pay bills, rent, put food on the table. We are all very wary of scams and snake oil.

Add in the fact that almost no MD knows how to properly treat RSI and you have a very serious situation where the injury itself just gets horrifically worse as we spend more and more on useless doctor visits, online scams and garbage tech. As Stephen has said, this is the best thing we have at our disposal (apparently) to be able to use our computers once again without inflaming the injury, yet again. At 99 euros this could of been absolutely amazing. I could be singing its praises in both the Unity, and Unreal Engine forums – convincing people its not garbage tech or a scam – where thousands suffer from RSI (we even have RSI help threads running with tips and advice) but instead I’m here, in pain and angry because Im faced with another 99 euro paywall for whats essentially a driver?

Cheers for that.

@ Stephen Yea Ive heard you never really recover. Your muscle groups become so damaged, and the fascia hardens to such a degree that you become ultra sensitive to any repetitive or straining activity. Its absolutely hell for anyone with a career in computers. Tennis elbow is exactly what I got diagnosed with as well, after carpal tunnel. It actually effects both upper and lower arm muscle groups and the MD’s have no clue what there doing. I have a feeling millions of people are suffering with RSI which their MD are incorrectly diagnosing. What then dosnt help is being repeatedly scammed trying to find some way to beat the pain.