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James Coote

Glad you liked it! Just posted an updated version here: http://crystalline-green-ltd.itch.io/totem-topple?secret=zcTPQsFQrxNAALmwZrR6DaedLgc

This version has improvements to the UI: Fixed the help section, made button text look a bit better when the Wii U buttons aren’t showing, and should now work at most standard resolutions. Plus changed some text in the tutorial to remove references to Wii U.

It has a bug where it doesn’t always pick up the eye tracker. To get round it at the moment, you need to minimise the game then bring it back to the front for the eye tracking to work. You’ll see the white target reticule on the main menu if eye tracking is working. Not sure why this bug keeps coming up. Probably something to do with Unity, as it’s happened before in the past, then disappeared again later for reasons I don’t understand.

Was thinking we might get rid of frantic mode for the eye-tracker version and instead have a survival mode (as a modified version of classic mode). Also looking into adding a leaderboard.

Otherwise, feel free to share around this build. Comments, feedback and criticism welcome. Also, would like to put the game on your store once the above is fixed, but not sure how to go about doing that?