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Travis Crumley

Now here’s another clue to this issue. I have been using it on a third computer, and it was originally working fine. I ran everything through its paces no problem. Fast forward to this morning. I started it up and suddenly it had the Not Available error. Previously I’d not encountered this on this computer. The notable things I installed on both computers to get Tobii running was the Intel Extensible Host 3.0 driver, so perhaps that’s part of the issue? They’re both also running Windows 7, I haven’t had any issues when I can run it in Windows 10.

Anyhow, I’ve returned to a restore point before I installed the game (for the first time when it was working) and I’m hoping I can get it working again, fingers crossed. I didn’t really buy the Tobii to use with theHunter, it’s just a nice demo for it, but if you bought it for this purpose a refund is probably not a bad idea. Hopefully I can find what the issue is though, because it’s definitely an odd error that is hard to debug.