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Jan Wiegmann

Hi Marek,

that’s the way we went as well. I was not able to find information if it is actually possible to set up a UX-Testing environment with the EyeX so we just bought an Eye Tribe Controller. I am not sure if the results of The Eye Tribe Controller are worse than the Tobii EyeX results. The only information i found for the EyeX accurancy is that it is “Touch-Like”, while the accurancy of The Eye Tribe Controller might be around 1 degree (depending on source), which calculates to around 1cm on screen. The only disadvantage (AFAIK) of the Eye Trive Controller is the high delivery time. I guess they don’t have the devices on stock and therefore customers have to wait a bit.
There was only one other option – The Gaze Point GP3 – which ships with an own software bundle. Unfortunately the community seems to be fairly small and the price is set higher at around 500$.