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Jenny [Tobii]

Hi Nils,

It’s all about where we put our resources when and why. We have a product offer for Linux and that is to use the Tobii REX eye tracker with the Tobii Gaze SDK, and right now there is no business case for us to extend the EyeX functionality to Linux.

This is how one of our product managers formulated it when I asked him:
“Windows is the platform where we see the first commercial applications which is why we focus on that area to make sure all the developers there can continue to create brand new experiences like we’ve seen in theHunter and Assassain’s Creed lately. Although parts of our development team is indeed using Linux for their working environment, complementing our internal tools and packaging them to a level where we would be proud for the Linux community to use is currently a bigger bite than we will be able to chew.”