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Nils Sabelstrom


Thank you very much for your reply!
I understand why there would be no focus on linux support from a management standpoint.
My concern were that the reasoning from a technical standpoint seems to indicate that if you at some point do focus on linux, the SDK would be very closed.

This concern comes from you having some form of in-house driver at the moment, which would suggest that you have the option to supply some form of a driver (without a complete SDK package) at a minimal cost of time.
I don’t wish to seem overly cynical, but not doing this suggests that you cannot release any of the in-house driver, due to IP concerns etc. If this happens to be the case, those same IP concerns etc. would likely affect a possible future SDK in the same way.

Which leads to the question: If at some point in time an linux SDK is released, will it likely be a closed source package with a closed source driver?

It’s a question that I know that you probably cannot answer, unless you have a clear policy for how you handle code IP, that also is directly against the idea of having the driver being an open-source addition to the linux kernel, which is by far the most common and liked method of implementing drivers in linux.