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Jenny [Tobii]

Hi Hanz,

The Tobii.EyeX.Client.dll is a native dll, so it cannot be added as a reference like managed dlls can. This is how we have added it to the EyeXDotNet.sln which only has a build configuration for x86:

  1. The Tobii.EyeX.Client.dll is located in the following folder: <package root>/lib/x86/
  2. Right click the project folder and select “Add existing item…”
  3. Browse and mark the dll in its directory
  4. Select the little arrow on the “Add” button and choose “Add as link” instead
  5. Right click the item in the Solution explorer and select “Properties”
  6. Modify the “Copy to Output Directory” to one of the “Copy …” alternatives (for example “Copy if newer”)

This way of doing it will only work if your are building for either x86 or x64. If you need to build for both 32 bit and 64 bit you will need some more logic to point out the correct version of the dll. Google “native dll in c# different bitness” to find some suggestions for how to do that.