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You wouldn’t happen to be using the McAfee Suit for PC protection would you?

Contacted Steelseries support about the same problem after getting my Steelseries Sentry last week.

They suggested I register an RMA and then thy requested further information for shipping to replace the hardware, even tho the problem seemed to be in the device driver installtion, so I decided to take a closer look at the problem my self.

The problem seems to be that the device ClassGUID used for “Eye Tracking Devices” in tobii_is3_device.inf is far from unique.
In my registy there is already a class registered with ID {78a1c341-4539-11d3-b88d-00c04fad5171} and it seems to be for McAffe Process Start Notification Service that is part of the McAfee SiteAdvisor.

Also after googling for 78a1c341-4539-11d3-b88d-00c04fad5171 i found the following that seems to indicate that the ID is from a driver code example in the Windows driver development kit:

I suppose that Steelseries support will forward the information in a couple of days, but figured I post the information directly on the development forums to speed things up.