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Hi Jenny,

Thanks for the reply. What I wrote in #3622 is wrong. I tested all Tobii Gaze SDK’s i.e TobiiGazeSdk-CApi- , TobiiGazeSdk-CApi- , TobiiGazeSdk-DotNetApi- and TobiiGazeSdk-DotNetApi- which didn’t work.(I was getting No Eye Tracker found with –auto). I tried as you have said using the ip-address and all the MinimalTracker examples ran as expected.

Also all the examples in Analytics SDK don’t work as expected. In tobii-analytics-sdk-3.0.83-win-Win32, tobiictl works as expected. When I run the Basic Eye Tracking Sample in DotNet it builds successfully, but when I run it I get “An unhandled exception of type ‘System.BadImageFormatException’ occurred in Tobii.EyeTracking.IO.dll” . In tobii-analytics-sdk-3.0.83-win-x64 , tobiictl doesn’t build it gives me the following error http://pastebin.com/tC9cW3ZQ . Unlike the case in 32-bit the DotNet Sample build and works as expected.

In total is there anyway I could use Gaze SDK i.e instead of giving the ip-address specifically. It would be very nice if you can resolve this issue with Gaze SDK.