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Matthias M

Hi all

I am also using an EyeX and the mini-app MinimalGazeDataStream on a 55″ 4 K screen. I can initialize it using the Tobii EyeX software (though not optimal, it says several points can be improved). When I then run the MinimalGazeDataStream.exe, it does not seem to report the coordinates correctly. In the lower half of the screen it seems to fail completely / does not issue gaze information, in the upper half it works but the y numbers often are negative or very low while the X numbers seem too high.
I compare the numbers with what I see when I use the built in 16″ screen on a notebook computer (of course with separate prior calibration). Are there known issues with the high 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution? I did the verify with the EyeX tool and the behavior is about the opposite of what the datastream is showing. the lower 2/3 of the screen the recognition of the gaze is pretty good and only in the upper 1/3 it starts failing. All pretty logic as I am using my glasses and in that range the angle from the EyeX is poor and catches the frames of my glasses. So my main question is, if there are known issues with EyeX and large resolutions.
EyeX firmware 1.8.2 – 33290, Controller Core 1.8.1, Controller Driver 1.3.1, EyeX Version, interaction v.