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I ordered my EyeX a couple of days ago. It arrived today. I have affixed it to my LCD.

Only now do I realise it won’t run on OSX. It never even occurred to me.

I can barely believe you people at Tobii. What are you thinking? I can’t believe you lack the resources to make this happen. At least provide a rudimentary driver that exposes raw data, and let the FOSS community put something together.

I don’t care that I’ve wasted my money, even though it is quite a lot of money for me. I’m really upset that I won’t be able to use your tracking solution.

I will have to go back to EyeTribe, which is not yet stable, doesn’t readily attach to LCD, doesn’t have quite enough tracking distance, and lacks precision.

Please, this is not professional. I have 30 pieces of assistive hardware lying around, this is the first one that doesn’t plug and play on OSX.

You are missing out on such a massive market by failing to support OSX and Linux. Putting in the cash and effort to provide this, it will surely come back many times over. If nothing else, it is a bizarre business-logic oversight.

I am bitterly disappointed. I am disabled due to strain injuries from years of coding. A working eye tracker would have made a huge difference to my quality-of-life.

Please can we have a timeline for OSX support.