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@Mark Castle, that is inspiring to hear!

I’m worried about overburdening my MBA; I am running out of SSD and sometimes the fan goes crazy. How much load does the Virtual Windows + EyeX server put on your MacBook Pro? Is there any simple way of quantifying that? Maybe just RAM and %CPU…

As regards the other solution path, I’m struggling to find a really small form factor Windows machine that supports USB3. There is a bunch of products with roughly the same form factor as an old Mac Mini, which I will call miniPC and a bunch of much smaller ones that look like a USB dongle which I will call microPC.

MicroPC-s tends to only support USB2:


Although that last one, there is a version 2 coming out soon which will expose a USB3 port:


The most promising looking contender is much bigger than all of these:


I’m hoping to find something really small, so that I can glue it to my LCD.